• Portfolio

    Digital Transformation - Employee Comms

    Challenge: GE Digital wanted to create a way for their employees to help them to understand their role and impact during their digital transformation.

    Solution: I helped develop the CEO blog, employee videos & articles, manager tools and executive interviews. Also participated in strategy sessions with Deloitte bringing together cross-functional teams to better understand the process and how we can better facilitate the transformation.

    Transformation - Crisis Comms | Corporate Programs

    Challenge: Spansion was going through a major transformation from Chapter 11 to emergence and profitability. Many people were laid off and the team needed support managing crisis communications. They also wanted to bolster employee morale and re-shape culture through key engagement initiatives.

    Solution: I supported a series of crisis communications including: Samsung patent litigation, firing of 3K employees w/o severance, 3 rounds of layoffs and mandatory employee pay cuts. I also created a microsite on the intranet dedicated to the transformation, where employees could find the latest news, content, words of encouragement around the topic. I also managed the Town Halls, enabling employees to hear first hand from the leadership team and managed employee socials designed to boost morale. Other initiatives included establishing new company values, developing Spansion University, heading the new employee awards program, restructuring the giving back program, formalizing the CSR program and establishing the company as one of the "Top Workplaces."

    Communications & Strategic Planning

    Challenge: The verification team at Synopsys needed to embrace a new way of thinking and humanizing their brand.

    Solution: I directed all content, creatives, events and brand direction for the verification business to drive awareness moving from a heavily product and company centered thinking to a more human and audience centered approach. I worked closely with the design team, embracing a lighter color scheme & style before the actual company re-branding. I also moved the team from ad hoc and reactive response to a formalized 'Plan on a Page' using the Sirius Decisions framework, aligning the entire team and using the case as a best practice for the marketing group.

    Managing Editor, Employee & Executive Communications

    Challenge: During Spansion's transformation from Chapter 11, we needed a way to boost company morale and manage global communications with a diminished staff.

    Solution: I took on the role of managing editor for communications, working with executives, key internal departments and stakeholders to ensure alignment. We went from printed employee newsletters to 100% digital. I initiated and managed the company's first editorial calendar, a comprehensive outlook used by execs. I held content calls and brainstorming sessions to bring a global perspective on the corporate website. I also created bi-weekly emails that curated content from the Sharepoint intranet. I also managed the Executive Q&A, interviewing executives on the roles and changes in their areas and the impact on people, company and industry. I formalized the company's CSR program and shared our impact and footprint on .com. I also worked with the web team on creating more interactive tools for the intranet including ability to like, share and comment.

    CMS | CEO Video | Website | Event

    Challenge: The marketing team needed strategy, frameworks and execution for some of their major initiatives that drove brand awareness.

    Solution: I was responsible for leading major corporate initiatives like migrating from Drupal to Wordpress (CMS), developing a CEO video for the NYSE, strategic planning for product launches and the brand integration of website after Transmode acquisition. I also supported their key event, "Insight Infinera," a major press event where leading service providers and Infinera executives shared industry insights. Check out the video above.

    Sales & Partner Communications

    Challenge: Spansion needed a more effective way to communicate with its sales and marketing teams. They were using a podcast and a lengthy unformatted email to reach them.

    Solution: I supported sales executives with their podcast presentations and worked with a 3rd party to go live. After 5 more sessions, I made the difficult recommendation to cut the podcast program they were using for years, based on new stats. Instead, I revamped the 5+ page newsletter they were using by re-writing and using bite-sized content, using catchy headlines, formatting that was easy on the eyes and hyperlinking to content on the intranet for easier reference. The newsletter became the 'go-to' for all things sales and engagement increased significantly. A distribution version was also created.


    Career Website Content Development


    Challenge: As part of their re-brand, the Riverbed team needed to revamp their recruiting and benefits content to attract top talent.

    Solution: I developed catchy content for their career & benefits section to attract and nurture potential employees and interns.

    Development of Interactive Tool & PR

    Challenge: This progressive non-profit wanted to raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding of state's energy & budget challenges. at Next Ten.

    Solution: I supported the development & launch of their popular interactive tool called the Budget Challenge as well as the CA Innovation Index. I supported the company rebranding and drove PR activities with news in local outlets including SJMN, Oakland Tribune and Sacramento Bee. I also created the first company scholarship fund.

    Website Content Development

    Challenge: We needed to bring a very relationship-based, import, export sales company online and deliver their first website.

    Solution: I worked with the owner of Gateway Specialty Imports to understand her perspective, business and requirements. Then I created the content for the website and worked with her on the image selection. The result was a clean website with clear and concise messaging that also included an aspect of giving back.

    Time Warner Cable Media News

    As part of a summer stint, working for a local LA cable station, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Dr, Phil & his wife Robin as they accepted the Big Heart Award by the Westside Children's Center for their community work. I also covered the Hollywood sign controversy and the McArthur Park rallies in LA.

    San Jose PSAs for Predatory Lending

    Challenge: As part of a larger predatory lending campaign, the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley needed to raise awareness about predatory lending in San Jose and educate residents about alternative options.

    Solution: I developed a series of public service announcements in English & Spanish that I pitched to local Spanish radio stations. This was one of the most fulfilling projects I worked on due to the impact it made on the residents and the precedence it set for other cities: San Jose became the largest US city to limit payday lenders, capping no of shops at 39; and the first to ban them from low-income neighborhoods; and the rule required a minimum of a 1/4 mile distance from other payday lenders.