• Musings

    Life is filled with "aha" moments that have a lasting positive impact and make up who you are. These are my moments that turned into life lessons & experiences.


    When I Met Daymond John from Shark Tank

    I'm a Shark Tank Academy alum. Learned entrepreneurship from A to Z. Heard Daymond share his personal experiences.


    Lesson Learned: Entrepreneurship ain't easy. The hustle is real. And the payoff is beyond your imagination.

    When I Traveled to Italy

    It was my 1st trip overseas - and a glimpse into how the rest of the world lives. I was part tourist & part anthropologist. I brought home the amazing Italian perspective on life.


    Lesson Learned: Slow down. Enjoy family, food and love.

    When I Saw Oprah Live With My Bestie

    Sat in the 2nd row, googley-eyed. Completely surreal. Heard her share personal stories and lessons in life. Tried to live tweet but realized I needed to just listen.
    Lesson Learned: Be present.


    When I Decided to Take a Non-Traditional Career Path

    I wanted more flexibility and creative freedom. I went out on my own, scared out of my mind, uncertain if I would survive in Silicon Valley. I thrived, thanks to an amazing support system. And I curated my own life.


    Lesson Learned: Say yes, do what scares you and don't worry about what others think.

    When I Heard Colin Powell Speak

    He came out in uniform. Talked about life, leadership, great things about his service as well as the challenges. I found him to be supremely humble, smart and powerful.


    Lesson Learned: Don't let work consume & define you.